6 Tips to Transform a Chair & Stool

Would you like to learn some tips to transforming an older chair and stool to something fresh and new? Where do you start?  I would like to share with you on my steps I use when I fix up pieces to make them new again.

1. Find Your Pieces

A great place to find used furniture is Used Furniture Stores, Used Victoria, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Auctions or Businesses that help people downsize. 


2. Find your inspiration for piece

Fabric is a great inspiration to get started, once you find the fabric you can decide on the color you will want to paint the piece.  

Inspiration 1.png

3. Pick your paint color 

Decide on a brand of chalk paint that you like.  I like using FAT paint. They have a great range of colors and great quality chalk paint. You can find a local store that carries it on their website www.thefatpaintcompany.com.

FAT paint - color Pewter

FAT paint - color Pewter

4. Remove the current fabric

You will need some tools to remove the current fabric on the chair and stool. A staple remover, hammer and muscle get this done. Once the fabric is removed you will want to use the piece as your template for cutting the new fabric. The seat of these chair had burlap straps to hold the seat with cushion on top. Sometimes the seat will be only a board that you upholster too or a framed seat with straps to secure the weight. 

5. Paint the chair and stool

Working with chalk paint is easy, you do not need to sand down pieces before using the paint.  I often like to paint first with one coat of a shellac and let stand for a day before using the chalk paint.  This process helps for less use of paint, when using lighter colors it will helps from spots bleeding through. If not done you may just need extra layers of paint. Once the painting is all completed to the look you want you may want to distress some areas with sand paper. These pieces I decided I did not want them distressed. The final layer to paint is a top coat to seal the paint.  FAT paint has a great top coat.  

6. Upholster chair & stool

After the paint is all done and to your liking. The upholstery will be the last part. You will need a good staple gun and a range of staple lengths to get it done. There are great You Tube videos if watch if needing some help.  My tip is make sure you pull the fabric nice and tight so you will end up with a smooth finish look. 

The Finished pieces

The Finished pieces

I hope these tips help on your inspiration to get started on your own piece. If this is not your thing then you can always hire us to do this for you. 

Happy transforming furniture! 

6 Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation

As we start 2016, do you have any plans to do some small or bigger renovation projects in your home?  Maybe you want to update a bathroom, a new kitchen, a functional and connecting family room, a serene master bedroom getaway or a kid’s room.  Whatever the size of the project it is good to sit down and plan somethings to get started. 

Where do you start?

1.       Make a list of the projects you want to do in your home.  What is the priority?  This decision may not be the easiest to decide on. A good tip is what space do you use the most?  Or is any area in your home a concern?  Electrical issues, water damage these are important things to address first. 


2.       What is your budget?  What can you comfortably afford to do? It is good to come up with a number and also have some set aside for unexpected expenses in a renovation. For example, say your number is $25,000 then work with $20,000.  Interior Designers can help with putting a budget together and give some direction of the project.

3.       Will your project need a building permit?  This can take some time and you will need to submit design plans of your project to get your building permit.

4.       What style do you want the space to be? Do you plan to do all the work of figuring this out?  Do you have time to source the items you want in your new space? If not, working with an Interior Designer that has a clear understanding of your vision will be able to make this happen with ease. It is great to make notes of things you like from looking through design magazines or use design websites like the Houzz to find examples of your likes. (http://www.houzz.com)

5.       Where do you go to find quality contractors to do the work? Talk to your friends or family that have been happy with work done in their homes.  If hiring an Interior Designer, they will have contacts of trades they have worked with, trust in quality of workmanship and who is personable. It is really important to find a good fit for you with an Interior Designer and Contractor.

6.       Home renovations will cause a distribution in your home for a period of time. Trust in the process and make it FUN. Your new space will soon be completed to enjoy for many years to come.

Make your home a reflection of your own personality and create your own oasis. If you’re not sure where to start, or you already have some great ideas, please contact me, and I can help you get your project started.

7 Tips for Holiday Season Decor


It is a lovely time of year to make your home festive for the holiday season and help get you into the holiday spirit.  Make your home cozy and a comfortable space to share time with your loved ones.  I dare you to be creative this holiday season. 

Where do you start with your holiday décor? 

1.       Decide on your color scheme, monochrome, two colors, or three colors. 

1.       Have a look at your holiday decorations – use what you have and upgrade some pieces if need be. But think of a slight change from last year, a change is always good.

2.       Bring some nature inside; add some pine cones and fir branches to your décor. A flowering plant is a great way to bring in some nature, like a poinsettia. 

3.      Dress up your mantel, your front entrance to your home, your dining room table for Christmas Dinner and your common guest bathroom.  Whatever room can be decorated, be creative.

4.     Add some Christmas décor with your cushions, bring out Christmas related fabrics.

1.       If feeling real creative, make some decorations.  Great way to get your family involved and do something fun together.

2.       Have fun with making your home dressed up for the Holiday Season.

If you are finding it hard to find the time to get your home ready this holiday season, I would love to coordinate this for you and help make your home festive.  Contact me for more information . Happy Holidays!

Your Personal Style Affects Home Decor

Your home décor should reflect your own personal style. Your home should be your own oasis, have things around you that you love and make you happy. This can be from the furniture pieces, finishes, accessories, and color that you love. 

What is your personal style? 

We all show our personal style from what we choose to wear and accessorize with jewellery, shoes, ties, belts, and purses. We want to be fashionable, and wear what makes us happy, feel good and confident.

Your home décor is fashion too.   

How do you define your personal style?

  • What is your favorite place to travel? Places you have travelled can have influences of styles, and bring you back to the places you love
  • What is your favorite color? Incorporate your favourite color palette
  • How would you describe your personality? Are you conservative, outgoing, artsy, casual, sporty. This will have an influence to your personal style
  • What do you like to do if you have kids?
  • Do you like to entertain at your home?
  • Do you have pets?

All these things should be considered when choosing furniture, and finishes in your home.

Using your personal style, have fun with your home décor and make it something you love. Living in a space you love creates calmness and joy. If you want to learn more about how to combine your personal style with your home decor, please feel free to contact me.