6 Tips to Plan Your Home Renovation

As we start 2016, do you have any plans to do some small or bigger renovation projects in your home?  Maybe you want to update a bathroom, a new kitchen, a functional and connecting family room, a serene master bedroom getaway or a kid’s room.  Whatever the size of the project it is good to sit down and plan somethings to get started. 

Where do you start?

1.       Make a list of the projects you want to do in your home.  What is the priority?  This decision may not be the easiest to decide on. A good tip is what space do you use the most?  Or is any area in your home a concern?  Electrical issues, water damage these are important things to address first. 


2.       What is your budget?  What can you comfortably afford to do? It is good to come up with a number and also have some set aside for unexpected expenses in a renovation. For example, say your number is $25,000 then work with $20,000.  Interior Designers can help with putting a budget together and give some direction of the project.

3.       Will your project need a building permit?  This can take some time and you will need to submit design plans of your project to get your building permit.

4.       What style do you want the space to be? Do you plan to do all the work of figuring this out?  Do you have time to source the items you want in your new space? If not, working with an Interior Designer that has a clear understanding of your vision will be able to make this happen with ease. It is great to make notes of things you like from looking through design magazines or use design websites like the Houzz to find examples of your likes. (http://www.houzz.com)

5.       Where do you go to find quality contractors to do the work? Talk to your friends or family that have been happy with work done in their homes.  If hiring an Interior Designer, they will have contacts of trades they have worked with, trust in quality of workmanship and who is personable. It is really important to find a good fit for you with an Interior Designer and Contractor.

6.       Home renovations will cause a distribution in your home for a period of time. Trust in the process and make it FUN. Your new space will soon be completed to enjoy for many years to come.

Make your home a reflection of your own personality and create your own oasis. If you’re not sure where to start, or you already have some great ideas, please contact me, and I can help you get your project started.