6 Tips to Transform a Chair & Stool

Would you like to learn some tips to transforming an older chair and stool to something fresh and new? Where do you start?  I would like to share with you on my steps I use when I fix up pieces to make them new again.

1. Find Your Pieces

A great place to find used furniture is Used Furniture Stores, Used Victoria, Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Auctions or Businesses that help people downsize. 


2. Find your inspiration for piece

Fabric is a great inspiration to get started, once you find the fabric you can decide on the color you will want to paint the piece.  

Inspiration 1.png

3. Pick your paint color 

Decide on a brand of chalk paint that you like.  I like using FAT paint. They have a great range of colors and great quality chalk paint. You can find a local store that carries it on their website www.thefatpaintcompany.com.

FAT paint - color Pewter

FAT paint - color Pewter

4. Remove the current fabric

You will need some tools to remove the current fabric on the chair and stool. A staple remover, hammer and muscle get this done. Once the fabric is removed you will want to use the piece as your template for cutting the new fabric. The seat of these chair had burlap straps to hold the seat with cushion on top. Sometimes the seat will be only a board that you upholster too or a framed seat with straps to secure the weight. 

5. Paint the chair and stool

Working with chalk paint is easy, you do not need to sand down pieces before using the paint.  I often like to paint first with one coat of a shellac and let stand for a day before using the chalk paint.  This process helps for less use of paint, when using lighter colors it will helps from spots bleeding through. If not done you may just need extra layers of paint. Once the painting is all completed to the look you want you may want to distress some areas with sand paper. These pieces I decided I did not want them distressed. The final layer to paint is a top coat to seal the paint.  FAT paint has a great top coat.  

6. Upholster chair & stool

After the paint is all done and to your liking. The upholstery will be the last part. You will need a good staple gun and a range of staple lengths to get it done. There are great You Tube videos if watch if needing some help.  My tip is make sure you pull the fabric nice and tight so you will end up with a smooth finish look. 

The Finished pieces

The Finished pieces

I hope these tips help on your inspiration to get started on your own piece. If this is not your thing then you can always hire us to do this for you. 

Happy transforming furniture!